"And maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much"

A seventeen year old, Australian girl.

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Moving blogs !!!!!!!!!!

Hey, so I’ve been inactive on here for quite some time, and for various reasons; school, but honestly I’m just lazy most of the time instead. But anyway, I’ll be moving to, it’s currently only a side blog to this account, but that will change shortly. I’ve also made an Instagram, which I actually have been using slightly, moleskine sketches, school stuff and photography.. it’s under the name dazzielle too, as is also a new twitter and deviant art. All consistent, and an updated kind of alias, well, at least better then clamporama… .. Haha, 13 wasn’t the best clearly..This is better I hope, i recently turned 18 therefore feel it just can’t possibly cut it anymore. However, despite all these changes, I can’t promise frequent activity but I will try as much as I can. Note// I will be changing entire blogs, not just urls, want to start completely fresh 😊